• HorseHair Mattress Topper

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    Only Authentic HorseHair is used.

    Our HorseHair Mattress Topper can compare to the highest end Mattress Topper. There is nothing like a product made of HorseHair. The feeling is unique as it compares to the rolls Royce of mattress ingredients. The HorseHair and Cotton Mattress  Topper ads a level of comfort to any mattress. Comes covered in the old fashioned stripe 100% cotton ticking. Lace tufted. 2″ – 3″ Deep.

    Eco friendly healthy and long lasting. There is nothing like our own manufactured handcrafted horse hair topper on the market today.

    We invite you to visit our showroom if possible to try our mattresses.

    Call today for pricing 800-761-1100 or Email: custombedding@yahoo.com

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
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