Sleep better on a Hypoallergenic All Natural Mattress that’s made for You. Our Custom Natural Mattresses are made to order. Handcrafted with Natural materials such as Cotton, Horse Hair, Latex, and Wool. The best part is that you can choose to have one or many of the ingredients listed above. Our custom natural mattress is manufactured from the highest quality natural materials.  natural mattress, organic mattress, hrose hair mattress, cotton innerspring mattressYou will sleep better knowing you are on something that is healthy. They will last for years to come. Check out one of our factory videos.

You Need the Best Natural Mattress in the USA Today!

Here at Orange Mattress Custom Bedding we know what you need. With over 120 years in the business, our family wants to go above and beyond for you. We can create nature’s best Hypoallergenic Natural Mattresses that are perfect for your Health. We Manufacture the Best Natural Mattresses in NJ.  Made to order Mattresses just for you. Just as our Great Grandfathers did.

Your Custom Natural Mattress Healthy Solution

We’ll help you find the right combination of comfort, support, and temperature. You will sleep better and feel better on Natural Materials. With the best Mattress that breaths, you can’t go wrong.  Equally important is comfort.  You will sleep deeper on our comfortable hypoallergenic mattress. natural mattress, horse hair mattress, cotton and horse hair innerspring mattress

It’s Time to Live Cleaner on a Hypoallergenic Natural Mattress

Each chemical free mattress is custom-built to the exact specifications. Our regular and firm support mattresses are made from 100% natural materials. They contain no chemicals, making them healthier and safer. Our natural elements mattress is also free of toxic fire retardants. Chemicals that cause harmful emissions are not added. Our natural mattresses do not have volatile organic compounds (VOC) or formaldehyde. You don’t have to worry about chemicals off-gassing into your bedroom air. Invest in yourself and your family with a safer healthy mattress that is better quality. Why settle for less?

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