Protect your Mattress with a water proof cover, the Mia Mattress Terry Protector. Our mattress protectors are recommended for any type of mattress used at all times in order to keep your mattress preserved. Our protector comes in a Cotton Terry top with a coated bottom which prohibits fluids from getting through as well as protects against dust mites.

Rest Easy With Mia Mattress Terry Protector

Protecting your mattress is the first step to preserving it. The Mia Mattress protector is made with a Cotton Terry top and bottom, which is designed to wick away moisture. The soft fabric on the top side of this protector gives you a feeling of being hugged without any irritation. This mattress cover has thousands of super fine cotton terry loops, which form a network that absorbs sweat, blood, and body oils and protects from allergens. A great product to protect your mattress at all times.

Sleep Better With Mia Mattress Terry Protector

The Mia Mattress Terry Protector is 100% breathable and moisture-wicking, which keeps your body cool and dry during sleep. The fabric also prevents dust mites from nesting, dirt from collecting on the mattress, and fluids from penetrating through onto your mattress. It’s designed to prevent allergens from infiltrating into your bedding, so you can rest assured knowing your family will be safe at night!

Start Fresh With a New Mattress Protector

With our Mia Mattress Terry Protector fit your exact mattress and box spring. Protect your investment with the finest quality mattress protectors available today. All our protectors are machine washable.  The Mia Mattresses Protector comes in Standard as well as Custom Sizes.

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108" x 80" $379.99, 3/4 – 48" x 75" $59.99, 6 ft. Round Diameter $179.99, 7 ft. Round Diameter $199.99, 8 ft. Round Diamter $289.99, 96" x 96" $379.99, California King 72" x 84" $42.99, Full 54" x 75" $34.99, King 76" x 80" $42.99, Queen 60" x 80" $38.99, Twin 38" x 75" $25.99, Twin XL 38" x 80" $27.99

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