About Orange Mattress

Custom Handcrafted mattresses

For over 100 years, our family business Orange Mattress and Custom Bedding Company has been delivering quality customcomfort mattresses. Founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1902, we relocated in 1938 to New Jersey in order to continue our tradition of building top quality custom handmade Mattresses and Box Springs.

Orange Mattress/Custom Bedding utilizes natural fibers which include, horse hair, cotton, lambs wool latex rubber as well as Organic cotton. Our latex rubber does not use synthetic foams. We can provide you with a mattress in any level of firmness which consists of soft, medium, firm, or super firm. One of our most popular mattresses is our cotton, horse hair, latex and lambs wool upholstered innerspring mattresses covered in our cotton ticking. This type of mattress is cool in the summer and provides warmth in the winter. Our natural mattresses that contains our natural ingredients are lace tufted by hand which prohibits shifting of the materials. We currently offer an extra layer of cushion for those that enjoy a softer topper feeling. Organic crib mattresses are available as well.

Our coil box springs are heavy duty and custom upholstered with natural cotton. Each one is adapted to the firmness you like. If you are interested in a more contouring feel, we offer our special hand tied box springs. Specialty box springs such as rabbed edge used mainly in antique beds are also available in addition to cut out corners. For those with tight stairwells and small spaces, split queen and split full box springs are also available.

All of our bedding sets not only have a unique quality to them, they also last for many years. Our cotton and horse hair innerspring last for many years as horse hair is the best known product for mattresses. Over the years, foam will break down to a powder like substance. This is why you feel your spring pop through on traditional mattresses.

Custom pillows are also a specialty item of ours. The best pillow you can get is either goose down or white goose feathers mixed with down which gives more body to the pillow, which will give more support to the head. These handmade pillows are not found in other stores. Organic cotton pillows available.

Through recommendations of savvy decorators and through word of mouth, customers ranging from the nostalgia of the Rockefellers to the Hearsts, Ralph Lauren, and the Claibornes, as well as a variety of other famous people enjoy night after night of restfuls sleep after visiting and purchasing one of our high quality mattress sets.

We are now offering inexpensive quality natural latex products shipped directly to your doorstep along with adjustable beds, foundations and pillows. Please visit www.juliannamattress.com for more information.