• Heavy Duty Box Spring
  • Choose From – Coil, Semi, Heavy Duty Platform, Foundation
  • Quality Queen Box Spring
  • Custom Size Available in Olympic Queen, Antique Bed sizes, and Round
  • Low Profile
  • High Profile
  • Custom Box Made to Order
  • Call us at 1-800-761-1100 or, order online.
  • Check out our Google Reviews Here.

High-Quality Box For You

bed box spring We offer several different types made of quality materials such as coil spring box that actually have real springs, foundation, and heavy duty platform box which has an increase in wooden slats. Each one is unique in its support. Try our box spring queen for any queen size mattress.

Best Heavy Duty Box Spring for Overweight People

The mattress isn’t the only factor in your bed. It’s time to upgrade your box base.  You can sleep easy knowing that this bed isn’t going anywhere. With legs attached and a noiseless design.  Moreover, it provides solid footing for your mattress so that it doesn’t slide around on you.

Great for big guys, overweight men and women, and plus-size folks. These heavy-duty box are a plus for anyone interested in extra support.

coil box spring, heavy duty box spring, box spring for heavy person
Coil Box Spring

Comfort for Every Body Type

Comfortable, supportive, and durable. We have a wide variety of beds for overweight men and women, Big and Tall, or anyone.

Looking for Heavy duty king-size mattress supports is here. Looking for noiseless box springs, or high-weight capacity? Made in the USA!

You will Love our Custom Size Box Spring

Yes, these bed boxes come in any shape or size.  Wondering where to buy a custom box spring size?  We have your back.  How about a split queen or a split full box?  Look no further.
The main purpose of a bed box is to keep your mattress off of the floor for the wooden type, however, the coil springs provide maximum comfort.  In addition, if you want to be high off the floor the high profile 12″ might be for you.  Another purpose of the coil is to absorb shock. Your Mattress will have a longer life.  We have from as low as a bunky board to as high as a high profile. We also have box sizes in 160 x 200, 120 x 200, 180 x 200, 1.5″, 90 x 200. 3″, 30 x 80″, 36 x 84, 4″ king, 4″ full, 52 x 74″, 5″ of 5.5″ and 160. Any size you can think of.
If you’re wondering where you can find a box spring near me?  Don’t worry, we will ship it to you in the 50 contiguous states.
Please call for Custom Sizes 1- 800- 761-1100. Check out our Google Reviews Google – http://bit.ly/2W2JhPe
  • Bed Base Legs


    Add a little flair to your platform bed with these Heavy Duty Metal Legs. Our chrome or brass bed base legs come with steel bolts to attach them to the bottom of your mattress. They are great bed base legs used as replacement legs or for any new bed base.

  • Custom Bed Platform (Heavy Duty)

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
    • Heavy Duty Platform
    • Increased amount of slats
    • Extra Support
    • Holds Heavy Weight
    • Noiseless
    • Extra Support
    • Custom Sizes Available
    • With or without legs
    • Please call for Custom Sizes 1- 800- 761-1100. Check out our Google Reviews Google – http://bit.ly/2W2JhPe
    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • Custom Box Spring

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
    • Custom Box in Any Size or Shape
    • Curved Corner
    • Rabbed edge box
    • Antique Bed Box Spring
    • Cut Corner
    • 3/4 box spring
    • Extra Large box
    • Custom size box to your specifications
    • Heavy Duty
    • Low profile or High Profile
    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • Foundations Box Spring


    While the Mattress and bed frame is the base of your bed, the foundation box spring has a level of its own. Our foundation box spring is designed to provide extra support for your mattress. Made with high-quality materials and designed with comfort in mind, our solid foundation box spring can give you the best support money can buy.

  • Round Bed Base


    It’s time to add some serious style to your bedroom. So. let’s spice it up a bit with a round bed base. This heavy duty bed base is going to nail that bedroom look you’ve been after. It has a circular design that adds tons of value and style to any room and solid, simple construction that will hold up through the years. It’s available in standard height or easily made in any height for a custom fit. This heavy-duty bed base should be seen in every bedroom! Play around with different styles for totally unique decor.

  • Shop Metal Spring Box (Heavy Duty)

    • Old Fashioned True Coil Spring Box Spring
    • Heavy Duty Spring
    • Noiseless and Squeckless
    • Shock absorption for your mattress
    • Your Mattress will last twice as long
    • Top Quality and Comfort
    • Coil Spring Box Springs in Any Size
    • Best Bed Spring
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