True to its name, the Julianna Mattress is crafted with a foundation of high-density foam and topped with Talalay latex, which aids in natural airflow, heat dissipation, and durability. With different layers of fabric, this mattress is designed to cradle your body as you sleep through the night in comfort.

The natural comfort of the Julianna mattress is enhanced by the Tencel cover, which is cool and comfortable. A perfect choice for those who need a medium-firm level of support, this mattress includes a Natural component near the surface to give you peace of mind that it is made with quality materials.

Say Goodnight to Restless Sleep

The Julianna mattress is one of the most comfortable memory foam bed options on the market. It comes in standard sizes and can be custom-made to work with your body and the type of sleep style you prefer.

Our Julianna Mattress is engineered to provide soft, luxurious, and comfortable support in all sleeping positions. The mattress contains up to 90% Organic Natural Latex and Tencel cover, which is a sustainable, renewable material that is harvested by hand. The fibers of these materials are assembled together to create an extremely healthy sleepless surface for you for years to come. Ease of breathability and durability is a beneficial features of this Mattress. The Tencel cover is cool and comfortable. This Mattress comes in standard sizes; however, it is available in custom sizes too.

It is custom-made to work with your body and the type of sleep style you prefer. The mattress offers three different layers to give you support in all the right places. Because this is a custom mattress, it has been tailored to your specifications so that it will fit perfectly in your bed frame or on its own. The Julianna Mattress is also a boxed mattress that can be shipped nationwide.


  • Julianna Natural Mattress


    The Juilanna Natural Mattress is a great mattress which comes with free shipping to your door step. The Julianna Natural is a Talalay Latex Mattressconsisting of a base foam with a top layer of latex. The tencel cover is cool and comfortable.

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