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Say goodbye to the ordinary. Protect your mattress with the Mia Mattress protector that comes in a quilted or cotton terry top. This mattress protector also helps to keep it clean, protected, and bugproof. Order yours today!

With a soft cotton terry top and quilted design, this protector has all the features you need to protect your mattress from liquids and dust mites. This mattress protector also helps to keep your mattress clean, protected, and bugproof. The quilted design adds extra comfort to your sleep experience.

Your Mattress Deserves the Best Protection.

Get the ultimate in protection with our Mia custom bedding – mattress protector. This mattress protector will help preserve and protect your mattress from dirt, spills, and stains. It also helps keep it clean, protected, and free of insects. The quilted design and soft cotton terry top add extra comfort during sleep.

Made for Everyday Use

Designed and crafted to fit your mattress perfectly, our protectors are ideal for keeping your mattress fresh and clean while still being comfortable.

Our Mia Mattress Protector is great for everyday use as it’s designed to protect your mattress from everyday stains and spills by wicking away moisture. Made of a breathable and comfortable cotton terry material for added airflow, the bed protector prevents liquids from getting through as well as keeping dust mites from penetrating the fibers of your mattress.

Sleep on a Cloud With the Mia Mattress Protector.

From the minute you hit the mattress, you will feel like you’ve slept on a cloud. Our mattresses are soft and comfortable, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. They will last longer when kept covered with the Mia Mattress Protector. 

  • Mia Box Spring Cover


    Complete the look of your box springs by covering them up with our Mia Box Spring Cover. This cover is very easy to maintain, machine washable, and is designed to protect your box springs from footprints, scuff marks, bed bugs, dust, and allergens.

  • Mia Mattress Encasement


    Keep your entire mattress protected from dust, bed bugs, and fluids to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep with the Mia Mattress Encasement. No matter if you have a traditional spring mattress or memory foam, our 100% waterproof and breathable fabric fully wraps your entire mattress for added protection.

  • Mia Mattress Pad Quilted


    Our Mia Mattres Quilted Pad is very comfortable and adds just the right amount of comfort to your sleep while protecting your mattress at the same time. The cotton cover breaths while the poly fill offers a suddle wrap around your resting source in order for you to contour a bit more into your mattress. The Mia Mattress Pad is machine washable, hypo allergenic and breathable. Order yours today. IF you do not see the size you like online, please call to order your pad at 800-761-1100.

  • Mia Mattress Terry Protector


    Turn your favorite new mattress into a custom sleep set with our Mia Mattress Terry Protector. Our mattress protectors are recommended for any type of mattress used at all times in order to keep your mattress preserved. Our protector comes in a Cotton Terry top which prohibits fluids from getting through as well as protects against dust mites.

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