What is my order status?

You can view your order status by looking up your order or giving us a call. We would be happy to provide you with information.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and check cards or ATM cards, as long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

What is PayPal Credit?

Checkout fast with PayPal Credit. The effortless way to pay without using your credit card. Simply select PayPal Credit at checkout, answer two simple questions and accept the terms. It's that easy. There is no separate application process. PayPal Credit offers flexible terms that allow you to choose to pay in full or over time. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

How do I enter a shipping address?

A shipping information page will be presented where you can enter a separate shipping address and the shipping method can be chosen.

Should I put spaces or dashes in the credit card number?

Your card number should be entered in as a continuous string of numbers.

Why are you not accepting my credit card?

There are many reasons for a failed credit card transaction. Your card may have expired or reached its limit or a credit card computer, either on our end or your bank's end, may have encountered a machine error.

When will my credit card charged?

Your Credit Card will be charged as soon as you place the order. Remember some of these products are made to order so may take some time to ship out.

How will the charge show up on my credit card?

The charge will appear on your credit card as: "Custom Bedding LLC".

How will you know where and how to send my physical product?

Shipping Information page will appear during checkout so you can enter a shipping address and choose a shipping method.

Can I order without a credit card?

Yes. We accept Paypal and Paypal financing which allows you to pay over time.

When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

According to the Sleep Foundation, your Mattress should be replaced every 6-8 years. However, in our opinion, the quality of the mattress and the amount of time you spend in bed, are factors that determine longevity. Flipping and rotating provides the mattress with even wear which provides an enhanced life.

How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

You can tell the mattress is worn out when you can visibly see sags and/or, loss of support. If you feel your mattress is not providing the support your body needs in order to achieve the best sleep possible, then, it is time for a new mattress.

Can a mattress topper help a sagging mattress?

No, a mattress topper will not fix a sagging mattress. Please do not waste your money by trying to fix your sagging mattress with a topper. If you have no support under your topper, your topper will sag too.

Should I change my bed base when I buy a new mattress?

It is not mandatory to change your bed base when buying a new mattress however, you want to have full support for your new mattress. If your old bed base is not supportive and you place your new mattress on top of it, you may not get the kind of support you are hoping for. So yes, it is advisable to change your bed base when buying a new mattress.

How often should you change your sheets?

We recommend that you change your sheets once a week. We also recommend trying one of our Mia Mattress Protectors to protect your mattress against moister and dust mites. These are also machine washable.

Should side sleepers have a firm pillow?

Very subjective. It is important to keep your kneck aligned with your spine for full support.

Which type of mattress is best for back pain?

This question is really person dependent. Some people do better on firm mattresses for back pain while others do better on soft. See what works for you.

Can Side sleepers use firm mattresses?

Yes, side sleepers can use a firm mattress, but it depends on the person. Being around the mattress industry my entire life, I have seen 1 person like a firm bed and one soft. Both side sleepers.

How often should you flip your mattress?

The more you flip your mattress the better. A good reminder is to flip it when the seasons change. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are great times to flip your mattress. If you forget, two to one times a year is better than none. The more you flip, the longer the mattress will last.

Is memory foam better than spring?

Memory Foam vs. Innerspring is purely preference. While some people love the feel of sinking in a foam, others enjoy the support a spring mattress can provide. The pocketed coil or wrapped coil system as some call it does feel like a foam mattress in some models. The benefit of spring mattresses is that they are cooler than their synthetic foam counterpart.

Which type of mattress is most comfortable?

As someone who has been around the mattress business my entire life, the question is so subjective. The most comfortable mattress is whatever is comfortable for you. Whatever you can close your eyes in and fall asleep and stay that way the entire night.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?/ Do I Need a Firm or Soft Mattress?

Firm or Soft is individually subjective. Depends on what you like. Everyone is different with different requirements. With that said, firmer lasts longer but you need to be comfortable.

Do I Need a Box Spring for My Mattress?

The term Box Spring used to mean a bed base with Springs. We still have them however, most bedding companies do not. These types of box springs are the best quality as they act as shock absorption for your mattress which provides a longer life for your mattress. The foundation or platform is strictly wood.

Why does a firm mattress hurt my back?

The firm mattress may be too firm. A soft topper may help relieve some pain. If that does not work, a softer mattress might. If that again does not work, please seek medical attention.

Do firm beds last longer?

Yes, firm mattresses last longer because the components are denser. A thicker gauge spring will last longer than a thinner one. A denser piece of foam will last longer than one not so dense.

How will the charge show up on my credit card?

The charge will appear on your credit card as: "Custom Bedding LLC".

Why are you not accepting my credit card?

The Credit Card Company determines that. We also take Paypal and Paypal Financing.

How do I enter a shipping address?

A shipping information page will be presented where you can enter a separate shipping address and the shipping method can be chosen.
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