Round Mattress – Foam


  • Availble in Any Diameter
  • Medium Firm
  • High Density
  • CentiPur Foam
  • Extra Firm
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • 6ft. (72" diameter)
  • 7 ft. (84" diameter)
  • 8 ft. (96" diameter)
  • 80" Diameter

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    A mattress for all shapes and sizes, the Round Bed Mattress is perfect for sleepers who like a medium firm mattress but is more cost conscious. The high-quality, high-density foam provides durability as well as retention of original characteristics. Moreover, this is a key factor of resilience in high-density foam. This feels similar to a basic mattresses, but with the added advantage of being able to choose your ideal firmness if you would like it firmer feel.

    High Density Round Foam Mattress

    Our value Round Bed Mattress is made from high-quality foam. This mattress has a premium-grade foam that’s designed to be extremely comfortable to minimize motion transfer from one side of your bed to the other and to last longer than most standard mattresses. It feels similar to a current traditional type of Foam Mattress.

    A Foam Mattress That Lasts

    The Round Bed Mattress is perfect for those who want their mattress to last longer than a few months. It’s made with high-quality, high-density foam to provide years of support and comfort.

    The foam in our Round Bed Mattress is a secure, budget-friendly option that serves as the perfect foundation for your bedding. This mattress will retain its original characteristics for years, so you won’t have to worry about it losing its shape or support. Lower maintenance than other mattress types and a longer lifespan than traditional mattresses make it a great choice for anyone looking for longevity.

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    6ft. (72" diameter), 7 ft. (84" diameter), 8 ft. (96" diameter), 80" Diameter

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