It’s called Custom for a reason….brands like Sealy just don’t come close enough. I only needed to put my normal mattress covering sheet over this mattress and the softness is that of ‘dreams’. Whats more, bc i was at work and couldn’t talk on phone, the home delivery people did a fab job: found my hidden keys Id left for ’em and left my bed frame just as i had left it- with new mattress of course… all with only a few texts to me… VERY IMPRESSED with service.

Do your body a favor and invest in this quality.

Scarlett, NYC

Boardwalk Empire


Thank you Thank you Thank you and to everyone at your factory

the 2 twin mattresses are fantastic and I cant thank you enough for getting the pieces to us , they went right onto the set and will be seen without sheets on them.

you have made my day


Box springs arrived just in time for our company this holiday weekend! Thank you so much. And thank you for making sure the carefully wrapped box spring was delivered inside the sturdy cardboard box. I also appreciate your giving me the UPS tracking number so that I could follow the delivery progress. Everything worked out well — thank you — you are our family’s first and only choice for custom bedding. Thank you again.

Happy 4th!


Dear Mindy:

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful mattress!

The delivery guys showed up on time and could not have been more polite, helpful, and careful.

The mattress itself is perfect. I can honestly say that my back no longer hurts in the morning, and I get a solid night’s sleep. Furthermore, my 100-plus pound German Shepherd, Shepsie (Shepseleh Ketzelah Mintz) takes her place warming my toes and sleeps through the night as well. (Who knew the old mattress was bothering the dog, as well as me?!)

Job well done. I deeply appreciate all your courtesy and patience with me and my skepticism.

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz

Good morning Mindy,

I meant to send you this message yesterday following my first night on the new mattress:


Thank you.

Following the second night: Mille fois merci!!!

It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I realized how much I missed the old mattress your dad sold me back in 1974. Am I glad you’re still in business.

Again, thank you very, very much.

Curt D

Our family has been purchasing custom and name brand mattresses from Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress for the last 55 years. Their custom mattreses are made of the finest materials and last so many years longer then ready made, After reading horror stories on the web about the highway and internat chain stores with their bait and switch tactics and their lack of customer service to deal with problems, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t deal with this top notch knowledgeable family. They deal with concerns immediately and accomodate clients in any way possible. Its like dealing with your own family member. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Marilyn Harris, Livingston, NJ

The box springs and mattress fit perfectly and my husband had a fantastic sleep on the set last night. Thanks so much!


The mattress arrived …………..I love it………really /really love it !!! man, you were so easy to ‘deal with….it is PERFECT !!!!! Thanks …OH BY THE is VERY comfortable, too!!!

Kelly, Fredericton , New Brunswick, CANADA

Dear Mindy and Judy,
I Love my round bed! I melt in it and haven’t slept better in years. Your quality and service are fantastic. I will definitely send people your way.

Robert , The Gallup Organization

Dear Marcel,
We are very pleased with the mattress you helped us select. It sleeps like a charm and it’s very comfortable.

Thanks for your professionalism and courtesy.

Cheryl Washington, Good Day New York on Fox News

Dear Marcel,
I just want to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate your help in designing and manufacturing my new mattress. It is extremely comfortable and I am sure will hold up for many decades to come.

Once again, thank you very much.


Wayne Altman M.D.

Thank you for the mattress you sold me. I have suffered from severe allergies for 32 years and the medical “experts” could never find the cause. After sleeping on your all cotton mattress and box, the allergies all but disappeared. I had also owned a “premium” mattress and it could not compare in comfort and quality to your fine product. Thank you and your company for changing the way I sleep. I would be glad to recommend your company to any potential buyer.


Dave Axler

Dear Marcel,

It was a real delight to do business with you. My antique bed, restored by you to it’s former glory, is gorgeous and the custom made mattress and box spring is wonderfully comfortable.
I shall be very happy to recommend you to all my friends, and should I need another bed in the future I shall certainly call

Very Truly Yours,

Catharina Kessler

Ever since our new bed has been delivered we have been pain-free in the morning when we awaken. It is a pleasure to go to bed and know that you are going to have a good night’s sleep in ultimate comfort. You hit the nail right on the head when you suggested the combination that you did. I will always be grateful to you.
I’d like to express my thanks to you for your help and knowledge. Buying a mattress from a distance, without being able to try it out, can be rather risky.

I first found your company via the internet, when I was looking for a latex mattress. a number of companies supplied similar mattresses, but, of all the people I spoke to, you seemed to fully understand what I was looking for in terms of density, feel and quality of materials. Even though there were companies much closer to my place of residence who offered something similar, I decided to trust your knowledge and recommendations in my final choice, in due not only to your knowledge and experience, but also to your pleasant, courteous demeanor and helpful approach to serving my requirements.

As the mattresses had to be shipped to me at a distance, and would be expensive to return if I was unhappy with it for any reason, I was naturally concerned. Would turn out to my satisfaction? What if it were too soft? Or too hard?

All of my concerns were quickly dispelled from the instant the mattress arrived. It certainly is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on and in some ways, exceeded my expectations. Your recommendation could not have been better.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Every time I slip into my new medium-soft-latex bed, I think of you. (Hope your wife doesn’t mind.) It is so comfortable. I haven’t missed a good night’s sleep since you delivered that bed to my house! I had no idea that the right bed for your body could make such a difference. I sleep much later on the week-ends–joyfully. I do not wake up with aches, pains and an arm gone to sleep from too hard a mattress.

No more late night TV, reading books, drinking warm milk, listening to the radio, quartering an onion, trying to get back to sleep. (You put the onion in a jar, cap it, run upstairs, hop into bed, open the jar and sniff the onion fumes.) Sometimes it worked, but the next day I find onion parts in my bed.

I bless you for having the right bed for me. The big bed companies shouldn’t come through for me. I will always be…

Just wanted to say “Thank you -Thank you – Thank you”! It’s been three months now that I’m sleeping on your custom-made mattress–and it’s Heaven! Each morning I find it more and more difficult to get out of bed and go to work and leave my most comfortable mattress.