Finally, Get The Great Night’s Sleep You Deserve!

Are you tired of being tired? Tossing and turning? Can’t get the sleep you desire? It could be your mattress.

Our Natural Custom mattresses provide the utmost luxurious comfort and support your mind and body deserve. Since a third of your life is spent sleeping a good night’s sleep should be part of your overall health regimen.

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Made In America

About Orange Mattress Custom Bedding

Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress is one of the only family businesses today that still manufacture handcrafted in our NJ factory, made to order custom mattresses,the old fashioned way. For over 100 years our family has been providing Handcrafted Custom Sized and Standard Sized Natural Double sided mattresses to our trusted customers which is you.

We are one of the Best Mattress Store's in NJ and NYC because we take pride in our personalized service. For local customers, we will come out and measure your custom mattress or even standard mattress in order to provide you the perfect fit that accommodates any interior design. Our NJ Mattress Factory will provide you with what you need the most, sleep.