Heavy Duty Metal Spring Box Spring for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep Experience

A coil spring box spring is the backbone of your mattress. Our Heavy Duty Coil Box Spring is made of heavy duty steel coils. Heavy gauge springs are used to ensure your mattress will have a long lifespan.  Coil Box Spring finishes 8″ high and is covered with breathable fabric.  If you would like a 6″ low profile coil box spring, please call us. coil box spring, bed spring, spring box, metal box spring

We Only Want You to Have the Best

Quality Vintage Metal Coil Springs are hard to find these days due to the, and cost of steel and the longevity your mattress gets. Lets fact it, do mattress manufacturers want your mattress to last long?  The increased life of your mattress as well as comfort is what’s at stake. We only want you to have the best bedding products on the market. Accordingly, we make sure that every coil box spring contains top-quality steel coils that will not disappoint you. Certainly, you will be happy when you can sleep better and feel better on a coil bed spring.

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Coil Box Spring Questions and Answers

Do coiled mattresses need box springs?    The answer is yes if you would like longer lasting mattresses.  The answer is no, as a requirement.  Think about this, while your mattress innerspring mattress springs are being squashed on a solid surface like wood, they will wear much quicker.  If the innerspring mattress rests on a coil box spring which provides flexibility, the mattress innerspring will not compress down as much.

Do you need a box spring with a pocket coil mattress?   The pocket coil mattress acts the same as the regular innerspring mattress. Although, yes, if you want the mattress to last longer, get the coil bed springs.

Do coil spring box springs actually flex?   Yes, they do.  They flex down while absorbing impact.  Coil bed springs act as a shock absorber for your mattress.

Are spring bed springs and spring box springs the same thing?    Yes, they are.  The terminology for the two terms is interchangeable.

Are coil spring bed springs comfortable?   Yes, they provide a very comfortable bounce.  This allows an increase in conformity and support for you and your mattress.  The coil box springs are the best high quality bed springs on the market today.

What size do the coil bed springs come in?   The coiled bed springs come in all the traditional bed sizes like twin, full, queen, and king.  The standard height is 8″ however, the low profile is available at 6″.  Custom Sizes are available as well.  Please call for options.

More on Steel Bed Springs

Are the box springs covered, or are they open coiled?  Typically, the box springs are covered however, if you would like yours uncovered in order to provide room decor, we would be happy to oblige.  Just let us know when placing the order.

Is the coil box spring good for big and tall people?  Absolutely.  Because of their springy design, they basically provide much-needed support for big and tall mattresses.  They will not squeak or crack as their wooden counterparts likely do.

Do you need a box spring with a coil mattress?  A box spring with a coil mattress will provide a longer life to the mattress.  It acts as a shock absorber to your mattress so yes, it is better to have a coil box spring for your mattress but not required.

What is the best box spring for a coil mattress?  The Coil Box Spring is the Best Box Spring for a Coil Mattress.

How Coil Springs Work? They flex when you sit on the mattress.  The benefit includes saving the innerspring of the mattress from being over compressed.

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California King (Split) $1798, Full $1199, King (2 piece twin xl) $1798, Queen $1499, Split Queen $1648, Twin $849, Twin XL $975


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