Sleeping at Home is the Best Night Sleep You Will Receive

“A new national sleep foundation poll shows that when it comes to sleep, there really is no place like home.” The American people are investing in their bedrooms with optimal results.

Factors for a good night sleep include: comfortable mattress and pillows, comfortable sheets, and a dark room. All of these will contribute to your sleep. The poll taken by the national sleep foundation has found that the home bedroom accessories (mattress, pillows, sheets etc.) is much more comfortable then a high quality hotel room.

Even though most people are getting their best night sleep at home, electronic devices are still a leading factor for disruption of sleep. Best advice is to try and keep as much light out of the room as possible.

National Sleep Foundation tips on receiving a well rested sleep is:

-Obtain a comfortable sleeping environment free from distractions.
-Keep your bedroom dark for the duration of your sleep.
-Create a daily routine which allows for winding down before sleep.
-If you find you are not asleep after 20 minutes, engage in something in dim light and return.
-Do not expose yourself to bright light late at night at all.
-Exercise in the morning as opposed to night before sleep.
-Obtain a sound blocker such as ear plugs to avoid loud sounds.
-Avoid alcohol, caffeine and large meals before sleep.
-No naps late in the day prior to sleep.

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More information can be found on this topic at sleep foundation org.

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