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Round Mattress - Latex

Round Mattress - Latex
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Natural Latex is an all natural rubber form which is extracted from the rubber tree in comparison to sap from a maple tree.  Once extracted, it is molded to a form which is utilized in mattresses.   Latex is 4 times more breathable then synthetic foams.  3 times more durable.  33% more pressure relief, and contours.     HypoAllergenic.                                       

This mattress is actually a solid core of latex with no synthetic foam around it.  

Covered in 100% cotton ticking all natural talalay latex wrapped in a luxurious layer of cotton or wool, lace tufted by hand, 7 inches thick.  Each natural cool mattresses in hand tufted in order for the cotton not to shift.  All of our handcrafted manufactored mattresses are double sided as well which means we do not glue synthetic foam to the bottom of the mattress.

The Talalay latex is superior to Dunlop.

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Optional Base: Heavy duty foundations (wood no flexibility) cotton upholstered.  These foundations are made of solid wood on top and bottom for secure support.   Cotton upholstered with a layer of cotton which is then covered in cotton ticking. 
Heavy duty coil box springs (flexible Coil system) is a second choice.  Made of solid wood in the middle and lower portion of the box springs.  A coil spring is then stapled down to the top of the solid wood base.  Cotton upholstered with a layer of cotton which is then covered in cotton ticking. 
For 6' - 8' diameters the foundations/box springs are semi circle – two piece.  Larger sizes come in four piece sections.
Special sizes are available.
Please Note ** to ensure proper ordering, please select your mattress size below.  If a box spring is needed, please choose the equivalent size as mattress.  Price will adjust accordingly.  Additional box springs can be purchased from the box spring category.

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