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HorseHair Mattress Cotton Luxury

Add a touch of class to any room with our Classic Horse Hair Mattresses. Our Horse Hair Mattresses for sale are the best.  Our combination of luxury cotton, and horse hair, on an innerspring or pocket coil, is fabulous. This mattress consists of the highest quality materials and will last for years to come. The horse hair mattress is so comfortable you will not want to get out of bed.  Our horse hair mattress price is the best around.  Why pay $100,000 from competitors when you can have a made to order old fashioned horse hair mattress at the best price?

 Our hypoallergenic cotton horse hair mattress consists of 100% natural horsehair filling. The Hand-sewn hypoallergenic cover is breathable as well as hand tufted. Choose from any of our beautiful patterns and designs. This will complement the luxurious comfort.

Sleep Luxuriously…feel Good on Our Horse Hair Mattress

For those seeking a Horse Hair and Cotton innerspring mattress that offers the ultimate in both comfort and support. The Horse Hair Mattress is a perfect choice. Made from horse hair well known for its superior durability. This mattress offers excellent back support, as well as breathability. The Horse Hair and Cotton Mattress is a luxurious sleep experience. 


Our Classic Horse Hair Mattress with luxury cotton has a luxurious feel that’s perfect for any room. The soft, smooth texture is comfortable to sit on or lie down on the surface. The durable firm inside allows for supreme support. Horse Hair helps to relieve pressure points when used as a bed.


These mattresses filled with fluffy horse hair provide support for your body. As you sleep so your spine stays aligned. The horsehair mattress is ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Dust mites as well as other household allergens are sparse. Horsehair mattresses are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This makes horsehair mattresses an environmentally friendly choice in bedding.  Our Horse Hair Mattress Price is the Best deal around.

HorseHair Mattress Questions and Answers

What type of innerspring comes with the horsehair and cotton mattress?

You have a choice of 2 types of springs.  The old fashioned bonnel spring which is a firm spring and actually comes in xx firm.  The finished height is 9″ for the bonnel cotton and horsehair mattress.  The pocket coil or wrapped coil will make medium firm cotton and horsehair mattress.  The finished height for the pocket coil is approximately 10″.

Does the Mattress come in any Size?

Yes, all of our Natural Mattresses come in any Size.  They are all made to order mattresses.

Is the Mattress double sided or Flippable?

Yes, all the Natural Mattresses are Two Sided for you to flip and rotate.  Yes, we still manufacture two sided mattresses.

Is horse hair a good mattress?

The Best Mattress you can sleep on is horsehair.  It is resilient, yet sturdy.  Does not disintegrate like its synthetic counterpart.  Provides a springy feeling and a cooling effect.

Is there any value to a Horse Hair Mattress?

Yes.  If you’re looking for a healthier option or, long-lasting mattress, the horse hair mattress is the best you can get.

How long does a horse hair mattress last?

Horshair mattresses last much longer than the mass-produced mattresses of modern times.  The horse hair mattress is handmade as they did from our forefathers.  Older handcrafted products last much longer than the current.

How much does a Horse Hair Mattress Cost?

Some companies charge crazy expensive prices however, we provide you with the best deal around.  Our horse hair mattresses cost a fraction of what our competitors charge.

How much does a horsehair mattress weigh?

This will completely depend on the size of the mattress.  Attributes include length, height, and width.

When were horse hair mattresses made?

Horsehair mattresses go back many centuries.  As far as the 1700s or prior.

Where do the horse hair mattresses come from?

The horse hair we use comes from the tail and the main of the horse.  In addition, it is sanitized and curled so it can be used for upholstery.

Are the Horses killed in order to get the hair?

No.  The hair is just shaven from the main body and horsetail.

Will I be allergic to Horse Hair?

We have never had a client state they had any allergic reaction to the horse hair.  As a matter of fact, the sanitizing process takes out any allergens or dust that might have been present.  The hair is completely cleansed.

Who Makes Horse Hair Mattresses?

We at Orange Mattress Custom Bedding have been making them since 1902.

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