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Round Mattress and Round Circle Beds On Sale Now!

A custom Round Mattress can be created on this 2 piece platform and add any size of bedding you desire. A round bed is one of the most common requests of our customers wanting a custom mattress. Being able to create this mattress in a variety of sizes and shapes allows for maximum customization. When you design something unique to your life, you’re going to sleep well at night . . . Get started by picking up a Custom Round Roam Mattress or Hybrid Mattress today!

We are Your Round Mattress Specialists

Basically, Round beds are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. They provide a unique bedroom environment that you may not have been aware existed. We can make you a round black bed, a white round bed or any color. By featuring the custom measurements of your round bed set, we will fabricate it. We aim to assist you in selecting a mattress or bedding that is perfect for your needs. There is no need to shop around to buy round mattresses!

By shopping with us, you will find a variety of round foam mattresses or hybrids that are perfect for your needs. Whether you need something for your child’s room or yourself, we have what you are looking for. Our custom bedding store has a variety of round mattresses to choose from, like custom round mattresses, large circle mattresses, queen circle mattresses, round matresses for adults, round outdoor mattresses, and more!  

Be Groovy on a Round Bed

Do you remember all those circular beds in the 1970s?  If you had a bed back then you were looked at as being unique. Your interior design ability was heightened.  A round bed mattress was used in the movies often.  Moreover, isn’t it a great pleasure that you can have your own circular bed? A King Size Bed in the round provides enough space for the entire family.

With our custom sizes available in foams and hybrid pocket coils in various firmnesses, there is no better place to shop than here! Our customers love the fact that they can design their own mattresses online or over the phone. Accordingly, we will have them shipped directly to them.  Interested in a great round matress, buy a round bed today!

Introducing our brand new Custom Round Circle Bed Mattress designed exclusively by you. This bed is made of a pocket coil and memory foam so that you get the best of both worlds; a firm base feels with contour ease of the memory foam. The Pocket Coil Round Mattress is designed to minimize motion while ensuring maximum comfort. Perfect for adults and children alike.

Comfortable, Supportive, and Versatile

This mattress is designed to be used in any room of your home. Whether it’s a kid’s room, guest room, or even as a mattress for your master suite, this mattress will provide the comfort and support you need. This Round Bed Pocket Coil mattress is made with high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. The pocket coil offers firm support while the memory foam contours to fit your body shape, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Round Bed and Round Mattress Questions and Answers

Are Round Beds Comfortable?  Yes.  Round Beds are very comfortable.  The standard 7ft. or 84″ round is 84″ right down the middle lengthwise and widthwise.  This means at the middle point it is 4″ longer than a king or queen.  The rest of the circle shortens in length.  As far as the round mattress type for comfort, yes, this mattress is very comfortable

How do we make this Round Mattress?  Spring round mattresses are made cut into a circle along with all the material that goes on top and bottom of the round bed mattress.  Much more labor intensive, but worth it.

What sizes do the round beds and round mattresses come in?  We can make any size diameter.  The most common is the 84″ but we can make 96″ or 100″ if you like.  So, king size round mattresses are about the 96″ round mattress.  These round mattresses for sale can not compare in quality to any bed.

How will I know if a round bed will fit in my room?  Please measure your space to be sure prior to ordering.  If a king size fits, a standard 80″ – 84″ should fit as well.

What is the round bed mattress price?  Our prices are very reasonable and of great quality.  Please look at all the options.

Where can I buy a round bed or round mattress?  Orange Mattress Custom Bedding will make any size round bed you like.  These are made to order mattresses and beds.

  • Round Mattress – Latex

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    The right bed is everything when it comes to creating a welcoming environment in your bedroom. If you’re searching for comfort, support, and durability all at once, look no further than our latex round mattresses. These mattresses offer an ultra-comfortable sleep surface with a pressure relieving design that improves airflow and draws away heat for a cooler night’s sleep. Available in three levels of firmness, it’s sure to please even the pickiest person in your house.

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