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Natural Mattress Store

One of the most significant reasons to owning a natural mattress is its cooling effect. Due to the fact there are no synthetics within the mattress, the breathability increases by providing continuous airflow to the surface. Actually you could say, that natural innerspring mattresses may be even cooler while even more airflow circulates through the coil system. Sleeping cool provides for a deep nights sleep which, lets face it, we all strive for. Healthy lifestyle comes in the form of diet, exercise and of course sleep. In order to gain this, we would like to ensure your comfort and health on one of our natural mattresses.

Additional benefits to owning a custom natural mattress would be lack of chemicals. Foams are actually made from a variety of chemicals. Our natural mattresses have no foams within them so therefore they provide a healthier breathable environment. Honestly, if you can avoid the chemicals, especially one third of your day, it will have lasting effects in the long run. Why not breath easy on a natural mattress when the option is there?

An interesting peice of intormation is the natural mattresses are produced the same way they have been for over 100 years. When you consider how long old fashioned products lasted years ago, it may give you an indication on how long your natural mattress will last.

Each natural mattress is hand tufted and double sided which adds to longevity. Latex mattresses, Horsehair mattresses, and Cotton mattresses are our most popular Natural Mattresses which contain the most comfortable finest top quality natural materials. Provide yourself with the health and prosperity by sleeping 8 hours a day on a natural mattress.

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Natural mattresses are eco friendly and can be made organic. All of our Antique bed mattresses are made the same authentic way as well.


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