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Alaskan King Bed


Alaskan King
108 x 108
What is considered an Oversized Mattress? Anything outside the range of your typical eastern King which is 76” x 80” or, your California King which is 72” x 84”. As far as an Alaskan King, it has been stated that it is the biggest Bed on the Market. From our perspective, not true. Orange Mattress can make you any size, even larger than an Alaskan King. An interesting fact is that the “Alaskan King” name is derived from our 49th state Alaska, the largest state in the United States. This large bed is great for families, as well as being very pet friendly which provides space for all to sleep comfortably. 

Best Quality Alaskan King Bedding Sets for Your Family

At our shop, we offer high-quality family beds for sale for all kinds of needs. We have premium bedding for Alaskan king beds. These are crafted from quality materials and designed to take on any room decor. Our Alaskan king mattress is the perfect addition to your bedroom.
Our Best Alaska King bedding is our most popular oversized mattress. One of the biggest, tallest, and widest in our line and is comfortable. However, this bed fits between the larger bedroom furniture sizes. It will fit in about any room you have space for it! The Alaska King mattresses are larger than most standard king mattresses.
We custom manufacture premium Alaskan king or oversized mattresses. Although, we have memory foam mattress toppers. Alaskan king bedding sets, and other home goods such as blankets. Our custom oversized beds range in size, so whether big or small, we have something to fit your space!

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