Enjoy the benefits of an Organic Mattress. Free from toxic chemicals, our organic mattresses are natural, healthy, and safe for the whole family. Each mattress is made with the highest quality materials. Moreover, you can choose from an organic cotton innerspring, organic horse hair and cotton innerspring, organic cotton, and premium wool with or latex covered in organic material. organic millbrook eurotop

The Best Mattress to keep you Healthy

Albeit, our Custom Organic Mattress is the perfect solution for a comfortable, healthy, and safe sleeping environment. Each mattress is made with 100% certified organic cotton or Latex. This will provide you with the best feeling of sleep ever. Our Organic Mattresses provide a combination of comfort, support, and durability. In addition, the materials are all GOTS certified. We are your headquarters for a mattress without latex and foam.

Organic Mattresses, Top Quality in Sleep and Health

All we want is for you to sleep deeper and feel better each morning. Let us help you discover the comfort of a quality organic mattress! These are manufactured without harmful chemicals or toxins. natural mattress, organic mattress, hrose hair mattress, cotton innerspring mattress

Sleep Green. Sleep Healthy.

At Orange Mattress Custom Bedding, we do things a little differently. Most mattress manufacturers focus on building cheap, low-quality mattresses in bulk. As a matter of fact, at Orange Mattress Custom Bedding, we spend time researching and testing to find the best organic products from around the world. Moreover, we use these products to custom build your mattress – a high-quality organic product made to order just for you!  organic mattress

Our 100% organic cotton spring mattresses are of great quality. In addition, our custom organic mattresses are offered in a variety of different sizes. King-size beds and queen-size beds, no matter how big your bedroom is, we can help you find a bed to fit perfectly within it. All Custom Sizes Available. Let us make the perfect mattress for you.
Call us at 1-800-761-1100 for Custom Sizes.
  • Wool Mattress Topper

    • Naturally wicks away moisture
    • Temperature regulation
    • Pressure relief while conforming to your body
    • Soft comfort for deep sleep
    • 100% Organic
  • 8” Organic Latex, Cotton with Wool

    • 8” mattress with 3” thick natural Talalay latex wrapped in GOTS Certified organic cotton and wool
    • Healthy and Natural
    • Bendable and can fold in half
    • Low profile thinner mattress
    • Double Sided
    • Hand tufted
  • Latex and Organic Cotton Mattress


    8” mattress with 3” thick natural talalay latex wrapped in GOTS Certified organic cotton and wool

  • Shop Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress Handmade

    • 10 “Gots Certified organic cotton and wool.
    • Firm or Extra Firm
    • Double Sided and Flippable
    • Handles for flipping
    • Breathable
    • Best for hot sleepers
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