Natural Mattresses

Natural Mattresses

Natural Mattress

AmericaMade  – Are you looking for a healthy alternative to rest on at night?  Perhaps you are wondering what is a Natural Mattress or What is the best Natural Mattress or all Natural Mattress? You may think latex is your only option.  We have the best mattress for healthy sleep.

Our Made tp Order, Handcrafted Organic and Natural Mattresses are made with Natural materials such as cotton, horse hair, latex and woo.  You can choose to have one or many of the ingredients listed within you innerspring mattress of solid latex natural mattress.

Benefits include –  Breathability increases by providing continuous airflow to the surface. Actually you could say, that Natural Innerspring Mattresses may be even Cooler while even more airflow circulates through the coil system. Sleeping Cool provides for a deep nights sleep which, lets face it, we all strive for.  A Healthy lifestyle comes in the form of diet, exercise and of course Sleep. When it comes to sleep, a non toxic healthy bed may contribute to better sleep via breathing air quality.

In order to achieve a great nights sleep, we would like to ensure your Comfort and Health. Sleeping on a Nature Mattress  from cotton to bamboo will surely delight you.

Natural Mattresses have been produced by utilizing the same method for over 100 years. When you consider how long Old Fashioned Mattresses lasted years ago, it may give you an indication on how long your Mattress will last.  In today’s terms we are considered a Natural Mattress Store.  Come on down and try you Natural Bed yourself, or, call us so we can guide you through the process.


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