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Are you looking for an antique bed size mattress? We have all your sizes. From 3/4 mattresses or 3 4 mattresses, antique bed mattresses 48 x 72, or an antique full size mattress, short queen or any size.  These are also great for rv,  three quarter, or short queen mattresses.

3/4 Antique Size Mattress, Short Queen

antique bed mattress, antique mattress, old fashioned mattressThe antique size bed mattress is perfect for those seeking a great mattress for their new or existing family heirloom.  The antique bed mattress comes in any of our natural mattresses, bamboo, foam, or hybrid. We are providing a comfortable sleeping surface for everyone. Our
Horse Hair and Cotton Mattress is actually the type of mattress that used to come in these beautiful antiques. Check out one of our factory videos.

Antique Bed Mattresses Designed for the Way You Sleep

You want a mattress that fits your bed frame perfectly as well as getting a great night’s sleep.  We can build a custom mattress to fit any size antique bed from a single mattress size or extended king. These antique bed mattresses include antique king size, antique queen size, antique full size, and antique twin size. Our 3/4 size mattresses for antique beds are the most affordable with the best quality. Since being in business for over 100 years, we can relate to antique beds as we are too antique.

Custom Mattresses That Fits Perfectly to Your Antique Beds

Our antique mattress sizes are designed to fit antique beds, regardless of their depth, height, and size. With our custom-cut options, you can also create a one-of-a-kind piece that fits perfectly in your antique bed! We can make large rounded corners or cut out corners. Whatever you and your bed require.

We have many options, from mattress pads short queen, mattress cover for a short queen, short queen mattress toppers, short queen sheets, short queen memory foam mattress toppers, RV short queen mattress toppers, and more.  If you need a box spring, we have that too. We offer the old fashioned coil spring box spring or a wood foundation/platform.  You decide.

We have been making antique bed mattresses since 1902. We are here to help you revive what means so much to you.

  • Custom Mattress – Memory Foam

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100

    Custom size Memory Foam Mattresses are one of the most popular Custom size Mattresses even though we handcraft natural mattresses in Custom Size too. These Custom Memory Foam Mattresses come in a variety of densities (firmness) in order to meet your comfort needs. Whatever firmness or size and shape you like, we can accomodate. Order yours today either online or call ua at 800-761-1100 and we will be happy to assist you.

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • Custom Mattress -Elegance


    The Elegance Mattress is our starter Mattress.  This mattress actually comes in one or 2 sided that allows for flipping which leads to a longer lifespan.  The starter mattress can be compared to a mattress you buy at warehouse discount outfit. The double sided is 9″ high.

    Custom Sizes available.  800-761-1100 Please call for pricing.

  • Custom Mattress -Foam

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100

    Our Custom Size High Density Foam Mattresses are one of the most popular double sided Custom Size Mattresses. These Custom High Density Foam Mattresses come in a variety of densities (firmness) in order to meet your Comfort. Whatever Firmness, Size or Shape you are interested in, we can accommodate you.  Select your Length, Width, and Height.

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • Horse Hair Mattress Cotton Luxury

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100

    Add a touch of class to any room with our Classic Horse Hair Mattress with a combination of luxury cotton. This mattress is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years to come. The horse hair mattress is comfortable enough to use right out of the box and can be used in any room of your home.

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • HorseHair Mattress

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100

    Make your bedroom the most luxurious place on earth with our Horsehair Mattress. The mattress is filled with high-quality horse hair and provides an exceptionally comfortable sleeping experience. This mattress can be added to all other custom bedding pieces to create a custom bed or purchased separately for your home!

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
  • Natural Cotton Innerspring Mattress

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    Sleeping on cloud-like comfort is as easy as one, two, or three with our Natural Cotton Innerspring Mattress. Its pure-cotton cover, horsehair pad, and latex comfort layer work in unison to offer you a truly memorable night’s sleep — no matter where you lay your head.

    CALL FOR PRICE 800-761-1100
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