Antique Bed Mattress

Antique Bed Mattress

3/4 Antique Size Mattress, Short Queen


Are you asking yourself where to find a mattress for Antique Beds? Does your custom size bed frame need a mattress or box spring?  Is a Short Queen the same as a full?

We have Custom Size Mattresses for all antique beds. Handcrafted the old fashioned way, made to order. We can make almost anything with mattresses for antique frames such as 3/4, three quarter mattresses, antique single mattresses, or custom sized mattresses or short queens.

Antique bed size mattress or box spring. Cut Corners at the foot of the mattress is very common as well as  rounded corners or square corners.

Three Quarter Mattresses or 3/4 antique bed mattresses are common for antique beds and range from family heirlooms to extraordinary décor.  3/4 antique bed mattressWhether it be Queen Anne antique, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Adam, Sheraton, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Victorian antique or any other type.  We can accommodate any size antique bed mattress whether it be in the midst of twin size, full size, 3/4 size, queen size, short queen, or short king size.

The Antique twin mattress and antique daybed mattress most commonly as the antique horse hair mattress or standard mattress. Height restrictions for low profile mattresses will be accommodated for any mattress for antique size such as 48 x 72.

Four poster antique beds usually found in Early American or Victorian era’s occasionally require cut out corners on the three quarter antique bed, The cut corner mattress wraps around the bed posts. Benefits of cut corner mattresses is the extension of your sleeping surface. Who wouldn’t want a longer bed know they did not have to have there feet hang off?

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