Is there a Full XL Mattress?

Discover the Full XL Mattress- The Ultimate Solution for Taller Sleepers

What Is a Full XL Mattress?

A Full XL mattress offers a unique solution for sleepers. It measures 54 inches by 80 inches which is the same width as a full size and the same length as a queen size. That’s 5 inches longer than a standard full mattress. It’s perfect for those who need extra legroom. This size is a great medium of a full and queen mattress. It’s ideal for single sleepers who are taller. The extra length ensures that your feet won’t hang off the edge. You’ll enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, every night. This size is becoming more popular. It’s a game-changer for tall individuals. full xl mattress, bedroom

The Benefits of Choosing a Full/Double XL

Choosing a Double XL (same as the full) mattress comes with several benefits. Firstly, it provides ample legroom for taller individuals. No more feet dangling off the bed’s edge. It fits well in smaller rooms where a queen might be too large. It’s also great for guest rooms. The mattress offers the perfect blend of comfort and space-saving design. This is crucial for a restful sleep. The Full XL is versatile. It meets the needs of various sleepers. It’s a fantastic choice for those seeking extra space without upsizing too much. Great for hotels and motels.

Sometimes your hotel room is not that big however, you are a taller person. In addition, the full XL is great option becasue it provides more space width wise in the room. That is a 6″ savings per bed from queen to full. In a two bed hotel room that is a foot of savings. Always a great option for smaller rooms.

How to Shop for a Full XL Mattress

Shopping for a Full Long mattress requires attention to detail. First, consider the mattress type. Memory foam, innerspring, latex, cotton, cotton and horse hair, and hybrid options are available. Think about firmness level. This depends on your sleeping position. Side sleepers might prefer a softer top mattress with a firm base. Back and stomach sleepers may opt for something firmer. Look for cooling features if you tend to sleep hot. This ensures your satisfaction with the mattress. Moreover, we offer a variety of types of mattress for you to try at every price point Find the best value for your budget.

Full long Mattress Care and Maintenance allergy free mattress, full xl

Caring for your double XL mattress extends its lifespan. Use a mattress protector. This shields it from spills and stains. Rotate and or flip the mattress every few months. This promotes even wear. Avoid jumping on the bed. It prevents damage to the mattress structure. Vacuum the mattress regularly. This keeps it free of dust and allergens. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. This ensures the mattress remains in top condition. Proper care and maintenance ensure your mattress provides comfort for years.

Where to Find Bedding for Your Mattress

Finding bedding for a Full XL mattress might seem challenging. We at Orange Mattress offer full xl mattress toppers, sheets, mattresses protectors and comforter for all of your mattress sizes.   Don’t forget to check the dimensions 54 x 80.  Investing in quality bedding enhances your sleep experience. It ensures your Full XL mattress feels as comfortable as possible. With the right bedding, your mattress becomes a cozy retreat.

Embracing a Full XL mattress means enjoying extra space and comfort. It’s the perfect choice for taller individuals or those seeking a bit more room. With the right care and the perfect bedding, your Full XL mattress will serve as a restful haven for years to come. Call us today at 1-800-761-1100 or visit our showroom.

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