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How important is a box spring?

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The importance of a box spring

Why it is important to have a real box spring, the benefits from the consumer standpoint.  For one, box springs provide an additional comfort aspect to the sleeping experience.  They provide flexibility and resiliency.  In addition, it creates a positive environment for your mattress where as your mattress will now have shock absorption.  Shock absorption will slow down the compression aspect of the mattress which will allow for a longer lifespan of the mattress.

Today, most retail shops sell foundations as opposed to Box Springs.  A foundation is a wooden box that contains no coil springs however, its a big secret to the consumer.  Most people are unaware of the lack of steal coils within there “box”.  Even the terminology has changed.  The name went from “Box Spring” to “Box”.  Has anyone noticed?

There are several benefits to the manufacturers for not providing real box springs.  The first one is that wood and cardboard are much less expensive to product.  Steal prices have risen dramatically over the past several decades which influenced the reduction in box springs.  In addition, wear on your mattress.  Wooden platforms as well as wooden foundations tend to wear your mattress quickly due to the fact the innerspring unit or foam, is compressed more by residing on a flat surface.

And that folks is why a box spring is important.

Add some spice and life to your sleep and your mattress by obtaining a coil box spring today.

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