Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding: A Legacy of Comfort from Eastern Europe

At Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding, our roots run deep into the fertile soil of Eastern Europe. For over 100 years we as custom mattress makers have been making European mattress sizes for our loyal clientele.

Our traditional handcrafted bedding has been passed down through generations for over 100 years. As a family business, we don’t just manufacture mattresses, we weave the very fabric of our heritage into every stitch, creating pieces that are not only physically comfortable but emotionally resonant.  european bed sizes, eu bed sized, european king bed

Understanding the connection between culture, memory, and sleep, we have always prioritized the sentimental value that comes with preserving the European bed size. This commitment stems from our journey, from the cobblestone streets of Eastern Europe to the heart of your home. We know firsthand how a familiar sleeping environment can serve as a bridge between the past and present. Albeit, connecting us to our roots while we navigate European bed measurements.

European mattress sizes the way you want it

Following is a simple chart of European mattress sizes from centimeters to inches. As custom mattress makers, we can make any European bed size listed or any European bed measurement.

European bed dimensions and size chart

European Single Twin – Centimeters         90 cm x 200 cm                           Inches 36” X 78”

EU Single Extra Long                                 90 cm x 210 cm                             Inches 36” X 82”

European Small Double                            120 cm X 200 cm                           Inches 48” X 78”

EU Double                                                   140 cm X 200 cm                           Inches 54” X 78”

European Queen                                        60 cm X 200 cm                            Inches 63” X 79”

EU Grand King                                           180 cm X 200 cm                          Inches 71” X 79”

UK King                                                       152 cm X 198 cm                          Inches 60” X 78”

UK Queen or UK Super King                    183 cm X 198 cm                          Inches 72” X 78”

Moreover, our dedication to maintaining European bed dimensions goes beyond mere measurements. It’s about honoring a legacy of craftsmanship and comfort that has been cherished in our family for decades. For many of our customers, choosing a European double mattress or a European king size mattress or any other European size is not just about the physical fit for their living space but about keeping a piece of their heritage alive in their daily lives.

In addition, at Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding, we take great care in ensuring that our products not only meet the physical demands of comfort and quality but also the emotional needs of nostalgia and connection.

Our Connection to EU Bed Sizes

In crafting mattresses that respect the European bed size, we’re not just selling sleep. For the european king size bed, we’re providing a canvas for dreams colored by the rich tapestry of Eastern European culture. In addition, our mattresses are invitations to nightly voyages back to ancestral lands, offering comfort that transcends the physical and nurtures the soul.

However, by choosing Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding, you’re not just selecting the place where you rest your head. You’re embracing a piece of history, a fragment of your identity, and a commitment to preserving the essence of European comfort and craftsmanship in your home.

All of these European mattress sizes are available in our natural mattress and organic collection, as well as all of our double sided mattress options.

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