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Custom Mattress Clarification

natural mattress, horsehair and cotton,handcrafted mattress

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well during this holiday season.  Would like to take a moment to discuss Custom Mattresses.  Custom Mattresses that we make are handmade special mattresses that are made to order to your specifications.  They come in either Custom Size Mattress sizes or regular standard sizes such as twin, full, queen and king.  Our Custom Mattresses can be considered an over sized mattress such as an xxl king, or an undersized mattress such as a small twin.  Even antique sizes such as 3/4 can be considered a custom mattress.  In addition, maybe a mattress with a certain type of makeup is required such as a firm base with a soft top queen size which is also considered a custom mattress that we can make for you.  Our custom mattresses are made to order according to your specification no matter what size, shape, softness or firmness level you would like.  We can make you modern type mattresses like your major name brands as well as natural mattresses, and, double sided mattresses, or even hybrid foam mattresses.  If you like, you can visit our new showroom at 1049 Raritan rd. Clark, NJ or call us at 800-761-1100 so we can assist you with your custom mattress needs. 

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