Custom Bedding – Announcing Green Handcrafted Mattresses Which Provides Healthy Sleep

Green Handcrafted Mattresses Which Provides Healthy Sleep

Custom Bedding/Orange Mattress Studio provides a natural healthy sleep by providing natural materials in the handcrafted mattresses produce Cotton Mattresses.

Why go “Green”? Are bedding products health and environment of importance? Do these things matter? At some point and some level, they should. Following are some things to keep in mind. An everyday mattress available at the local sleep store is made from synthetic products and therefore contains chemicals. These chemicals may be absorbed while sleeping. Studies have shown high levels in breast milk and the blood stream.

• If safety is an important factor Custom Bedding has a perfect solution. ORANGE MATTRESS CUSTOM BEDDING have been creating all Natural Bedding for over 100 years. A variety of natural products are available. One of the most popular components is All Natural Horse Hair. Horse Hair never disintegrates therefore adding longevity and firmness to any mattress. Another option is Latex Natural Rubber which is extracted from trees in the form of sap and is then molded to a product to be utilized in a mattress. The latex would be encased in 100% organic cotton or Natural wool that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

• Whichever product is chosen Custom Bedding can assure that it will be healthy and comfortable. Custom Bedding feels that the function of a mattress is to rest and repair your body while you sleep. This is accomplished by choosing All Natural materials with no foam Chemicals Added Mattress. The result will be a healthier and restored nights sleep.

For more information on custom-made bedding and mattresses from Orange Mattress Custom Bedding, call 800-761-1100, or on the web at Visit the new Clark showroom is located at 77 Central Avenue in the Target Shopping Center.


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