Announcing Custom Bedding and Orange Mattress Handcrafted Horse Hair Mattresses Available Right Now

Custom Bedding and Orange Mattress Handcrafted Horse Hair Mattresses Available Right Now

Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress is back up and running following the severe hurricane Sandy which hit our area. Horse hair natural mattress production is full steam ahead.

Searching for a new mattress, can be a difficult task. Why not just go for the best mattress on the market. Luxurious handcrafted Horse Hair mattresses are the best mattress money can buy. They have been for over 100 years. Horse hair mattresses are the most comfortable and long lasting mattress available on the market today.

The mattresses are not so readily available due to the high quality and long lasting effect they have. Current mattresses are mass produced with a lifetime of 5-8 years. These mass produced mattresses are full of chemicals which outgas. Why go for the synthetic foam when you can have a natural deep sleep while sleeping on horse hair.

Benefits of horse hair mattresses include no water absorption and breathable cotton ticking (fabric) which allows for air to flow freely while not disturbing your body temperature. Mattress which include synthetic foam increases heat and perspiration during the night which may disrupt your sleep. Cool sleep contributes to a deep sleep which leads to a healthy lifestyle.
Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress has been handcrafting mattresses since 1902. The mattresses are strictly made the old fashioned way. If you can recall most products which are handcrafted lasted much longer than today’s mass production. Unfortunately it applies to most products on the current market. This is why Custom Bedding – Orange mattress has repeat customers over and over again. Not so much for replacements but for referrals.

Come down to our showroom today and try one of Custom Bedding – Orange Mattress handcrafted horse hair mattresses. You can visit us 77 Central Ave. (Target Shopping Center) Clark, NJ 07067. Or call us at 732-428-4125.

Get a natural sleep today!

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