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Revealing Best Mattress of 2023

Shop our Mattress Custom including Healthy Natural Mattresses. Our Family Business has been making mattresses Since 1902.Double the life with a double sided mattress.

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    Family Custom Mattress Factory, Everything You Need

    Searching for a mattress store near me that really understands your sleep needs? Visit our mattress store to test mattresses and get expert advice. Incidentally, did you know that your Mattress only last 7-10 years?  Correspondingly, if your mattress is old or sagging, your back could break. You may not be getting the sleep you deserve. Above all, don’t let your old mattress get the best of you. If you need a king bed size mattress, California king beds, queen mattress, full or double mattress, twin mattress, twin xl mattress, or any mattress size above or in between, our custom size mattress will satisfy your sleep, back, and space. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, futon bed, floor mattress, or mattress top, we have it all. 

    Non Toxic Mattress & Organic Mattress that are Natural & Sustainable

    Are you wondering what a Non Toxic Natural Mattress is?  We have the best Natural Mattress FACTORY DIRECT in Custom or Standard sizes.  Overall, our best mattress include these non toxic mattresses which come in organic mattress or natural mattresses. This type of mattress can be the best twin mattress for kids.  All of our natural mattresses can also be used on adjustable beds. Where else would you find a great mattress that is not foam?

    A third of your life is sleeping. Equally, a non-toxic mattress, which is a cooling mattress, will lead to better health.  Certainly, a good night’s sleep can be part of your overall health regimen. In addition, they are all flippable mattresses. Imagine having a custom organic mattress.

    Basically, your eco friendly mattress can be an email or call away. If you would like to visit our showroom, we would surely be happy to assist you.

    Enjoy our Name Brand Mattresses too

    If you just want a name brand mattress instead of one of our custom mattresses, we have your back. We carry all Therapedic mattresses and Eclipse mattresses.  In addition to the name brand mattresses, we have our own mattresses and box spring to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain or the best mattress for side sleepers, we are sure we can fulfill your request. The pillow top mattress we display in our mattress store comes either single sided or as a double sided pillow top mattress.

    Weekly Sale on Mattress Custom

    Discover the Best Mattress Sales Near Me and Get the Perfect Bed for a Great Night’s Sleep. Orange Mattress Custom Bedding is your ultimate bed store near me.

    Check out our king mattress sale. Includes queen mattress sale, twin and double or full. Our price can not be beaten if your looking for a discount mattress. Conversely, we will price match or come in below the competitor’s offer.  Sign up on our email list to get the latest mattress sale coupons on great mattress deals.

    Custom Mattress Factory: Explore our RV Mattresses & Round King Size Mattress

    Meanwhile, are you up at night searching for Custom Mattress in a Custom Size? Our Custom Size Mattresses are great for Boats, Rv’s, European Beds, or even Antique Size Beds. Actually, we can make the biggest bed size.  At last, you can indulge in one of our queen round bed mattresses or round king size mattresses. Despite this, they will hit the nostalgic touch. Finally, wondering how much a Custom Mattress Costs. Our selection of affordable custom size mattresses can’t be beaten. Call for great mattress deals and options.

    Subsequently, we can make you the best Mattress and Box Spring.  Are you looking for a custom size mattress for an Antique Bed? How about a 33″ mattress or box spring for daybeds? We even have Olympic queen mattress, 3/4 mattress and box spring, Round Beds, Low Profile Mattress, Low Profile Bed, or anything you can think of.  If your bed posts call for a custom mattress to elongate your mattress, we have you covered. The Orange Mattress craftsman even cut corners depending on your needs.  Need a Radius Corner, look no more.  Perhaps you need a twin memory foam mattress for bunk beds? Hence, you can design your custom made mattress in any shape or size.

    Alaskan King Beds for the Family 

    Thinking of trying something new? A king mattress is no longer the largest. Discover the grandeur of the Alaskan King Bed, a mattress size that makes California Kings look tiny! Measuring a massive 9 by 9 feet, this bed offers luxurious space for a comfortable night’s sleep. It  accommodates up to four adults comfortably, or even five if you don’t mind sharing. While the Alaskan King Bed may require custom made bedding and can be a significant investment, its immense size provides ample space and a desire for ultimate comfort. Whether you’re looking for a bed that is great for the entire family, the Alaskan King Bed promises a truly regal sleeping experience. So, if you dream of sprawling in the lap of luxury, the Alaskan King Bed might be just what you need to transform your bedroom into a grand retreat for rest and relaxation

    Our Oversized Beds are spacious. Additional mattress sizez include the Texas King, Wyoming King, or any king size mattress you can think of. The Family Bed is roomy as well as comfortable. Incidentally, we are one of the top customizable brands since 1902.  Our skilled craftsman makes each mattress or box spring to order whether in a regular size or custom size.  Nonetheless, built-to-order mattresses have the best comfort, quality, and value.     

    Common custom mattress questions.

    These include the firmness level of each mattress and type.  Custom mattresses consist of foam or innerspring.  Depending on your custom comfort, our craftsman will make the mattress to fit your needs.  All high-density upholstery padding has certification by CertiPUR-US.

    Shop Local One Stop with One Stop Shopping

    Finally, whenever you’re in need of a new mattress and want to support a local business, you may be searching for a mattress store near you. Where ever you are, your mattress store near me is Orange Mattress. Look no further. Especially, with over a century of experience, this family-owned business specializes in handcrafted custom and natural mattresses in addition to name brands, that prioritize quality and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a specific size or material, you can trust that Orange Mattress will provide you with a mattress, box springs, beds, frames, mattress protectors, memory foam pillows, or any pillow, and sheets that meet your needs. Even though we are a local mattress store with local mattress delivery, we do ship nationwide to all 50 states.

    About our Family Business For Over a Century

    Evidently, our family mattress factory has been proving Custom Mattresses and natural mattresses for clients, and Interior Designers since 1902. Lest we are custom mattress makers for over 120 years.  Located in Clark, NJ currently but, we service NY, CT, PA, and all 50 states.  Check out our Testimonials as well as our About page. To get an idea of who we are, and how we can help you, check out our Google Reviews.  Call or Email us with any questions you may have. We are knowledgeable in a multitude of areas about mattresses. Not only do we provide the mattresses of your dreams.  Our website contains some models in various sizes. We also have additional models to assist you with all your needs.  

    What types of Mattresses do we have?  Double Sided Mattress, Yacht Mattress, Adjustable Bed Mattress, Round Circle Mattress, Camper Mattresses, and Truck Sleepers. Let us help you today.

    Interest Free Financing is available.

    Choose from our wide selection of Natural mattresses, Double Sided Mattress, Hybrid Mattress, Foams, futons, and Box Spring.  Each Mattress & Box Spring comes in any size. We are your top mattress manufacturer in NJ serving New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut along with the entire USA. Moreover, we will come out and measure your bed for you within a certain distance if neededWe 


    5 star review orange mattress custom bedding
    Kevin H.
    RV Owner

    Mindy, Mattress and custom bedding arrived just before christmas. Installed the mattress in our RV yesterday and the fit is perfect. Have not had the opportunity to sleep on it yet but I did give it a quick try and it feels great. The old mattress which was brand new but very uncomfortable was graciously received by our local homeless shelter. Many thanks!


    5 star review orange mattress custom bedding
    Jack Lenor Larson Studio
    Textile Designer

    It is my pleasure to recommend Custom Bedding as a rare and splendid firm.  

    They have pride of craftsmanship and a feeling for exactitude and willingness to please that is imprtant to those of us at the helm of the design field.

    5 star review orange mattress custom bedding
    Anita W.

    We have had an Olympic Queen mattress for 12 years and we needed to replace it. We were disappointed to find out they no longer make this size. We were so excited to visit Orange Mattress and hear that they could make us a custom mattress!!! We just received our mattress this week and it’s exactly what we wanted at a price that was amazing! It has been a very comfortable experience! Thank you Mindy for all your help!

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